Infrastructure WA project/program proposal form

Closes 21 Aug 2020

Opened 26 Jun 2020


This form is provided for stakeholders who wish to highlight a specific infrastructure project or program for Infrastructure WA's consideration as it develops the State Infrastructure Strategy. 

If a stakeholder wishes to propose more than one project or program, a separate form will need to be completed for each additional concept or proposal.

Why We Are Consulting

Infrastructure WA is currently consulting on A Stronger Tomorrow - State Infrastructure Strategy Discussion Paper. We recognise that some stakeholders may also wish to use this opportunity to highlight a specific infrastructure project or program. Please note that while this is not the primary purpose of our consultation at this point, we will accept information about infrastructure-related concepts on the basis that the stakeholder:

  • understands that this process is designed to identify some of the perceived challenges or opportunities for specific locations and/or sectors, and how infrastructure may help to address them; and 
  • completes this project/program proposal form. 

Complete the project/program proposal form


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