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Section 4: The role of the regions

One of IWA’s key objectives is to maximise Western Australia’s diverse regional strengths through strategic infrastructure provision.  Western Australia is geographically unique – our sheer size and dispersed population presents challenges for the delivery and maintenance of efficient infrastructure and services on a larger scale than any other Australian jurisdiction. While the regions collectively hold only a quarter of Western Australia's population, they contain rich mineral deposits, vast agricultural resources and tourism attractions that generate significant income to the State. 

Geographic regions

For ease of reference, the nine regions of the Regional Development Commissions Act 1993 are referred to as ‘the regions’ and the Perth metropolitan area, is referred to as ‘Perth’. For an overview of each individual region, refer to A Look at the Regions, a complementary resource to the Discussion Paper.

7. How can regions work together to identify and deliver large scale opportunities, projects and programs which extend across regional boundaries?
8. What do you think are the greatest infrastructure needs and priorities across the regions and Perth?
9. How can declining population in some regions be slowed or reversed?
10. Should Western Australia have a second major city of more than 200,000 people? Which of the State’s existing centres should be a second major city and why?