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Section 2: Guiding principles

Together with the objectives outlined in Section 3: Imagining the future, the guiding principles IWA will apply in preparing the Strategy are some of the most important elements. The proposed guiding principles outlined below underpin, frame and influence relevant aspects of developing the Strategy. We will look to our guiding principles to shape how we will operate when preparing the Strategy.

See the proposed guiding principles for developing the Strategy

  • Open, consultative and engaging

It is critical that we capture the rich knowledge, expertise and perspectives of stakeholders within government, industry, academia and the community, and engage with stakeholders in an open and meaningful way. Maintaining a strong relationship with State agencies will be particularly important.

  • Objective and rigorous

The Strategy will be based on rigorous and objective evidence wherever possible. Determining the State’s greatest infrastructure needs and highest priorities from a wide range of stakeholder inputs and other analysis will be approached through the application of robust methodologies.

  • Improvement over time

Given the wide range of infrastructure matters for IWA to consider and address in the Strategy, IWA will focus on working with stakeholders to achieve improvement over time (for example, planning and delivery models). The scope and focus of IWA’s first Strategy will be refined through consultation with stakeholders.

  • Affordable and deliverable

In order to be effective and relevant, IWA’s recommendations must be affordable and deliverable. IWA will consider responsible and sustainable fiscal management in developing the Strategy. This includes the capacity and
capability of government and the private sector to deliver the scale and scope of recommendations within certain timeframes. The Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019 requires us to consider funding and financing options and to consider the affordability of our recommendations in the Strategy.

  • Forward-looking and open to change

Our State is experiencing rapid change, which creates both challenges and opportunities. IWA will consider the impact of change (including population growth, social change and disruptive technologies and events) and how infrastructure and services should best adapt and respond. IWA will challenge established thinking where appropriate

4. Are there any additional or alternative principles that should guide the development of the Strategy?