A Stronger Tomorrow - Online Submission Form

Closes 21 Aug 2020

Section 3: Imagining the future

What will Western Australia look like in 20 years? Will driverless vehicles be the new normal? Will we be ridesharing in electric aircraft? And what events might shape the fortunes of our major trading partners? How will the WA community and economy have recovered from major global shocks such as COVID-19? If we look back over time, there have been many impacts on the way we live, work and engage and we should expect further opportunities and disruptors in the future – creating a variety of possible future scenarios.

In this section, we have proposed ten strategic objectives which will be the foundation of the Strategy. These areas will be critically important to the State over the next 20 years and are expected to significantly influence Western Australia’s society, economy and environment more broadly. While the objectives are intended to be the Strategy's main areas of focus, it will not be to the complete exclusion of other more specific social, economic or environmental issues that may emerge.

Your feedback and suggestions on these objectives are particularly welcomed. 

Proposed strategic objectives of the Strategy

  • Support a strong, resilient and diversified economy
  • Maximise regional strengths to unlock strategic opportunities for Western Australia
  • Enhance infrastructure delivery and develop skills for the future
  • Support access to social services and improve Aboriginal wellbeing
  • Enhance cross-government coordination and planning
  • Address climate change and increase resilience
  • Support population growth and change
  • Maximise liveability and cultural strategic opportunities for our community
  • Embrace technology, data and digital connectivity
  • Get the most from our infrastructure and improve maintenance
5. Are there other strategic issues that we have not addressed that should form part of these objectives?
6. What are the macro trends that you see as important over the 20-year timeframe? What risks or opportunities do they provide to the Strategy?