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Section 5: Focus on infrastructure sectors

Infrastructure underpins the wellbeing of our society, the prosperity of our economy, and the health of our environment. The Strategy will address a broad range of infrastructure sectors (and cross-sectoral issues), with a primary focus on infrastructure that is fully or partly funded by the State Government. The Strategy will also consider types of infrastructure that provide an important service to the community, whether they are owned by another level of government or the private sector (for example gas, aviation and telecommunications infrastructure).

The Discussion Paper proposes sectoral groupings as outlined in the diagram above. For a more detailed overview of each sector, please refer to A Look at the Sectors, a complementary resource to the Discussion Paper.


What will the State Infrastructure Strategy focus on?

The Strategy will focus on both infrastructure projects and programs as well as non-build solutions such as policy, regulatory, pricing, technology, procurement, skills and governance reforms. However, our consideration of projects and programs in the Strategy will generally be focussed on the medium to long-term (5 to 20 year) period, rather than the short term. IWA is primarily focussed on proposals and issues of a strategic or significant nature and larger-scale projects and programs. A minimum dollar threshold for projects and programs to be included in the Strategy has not been set.

11. What, if any, other infrastructure sectors should be addressed in the Strategy?
12. How should the Strategy address private sector infrastructure requirements?
13. How can the Strategy assist to coordinate and integrate across infrastructure sectors? What interdependencies do you consider most important?
14. Do the opportunities and challenges identified in this section reflect the most important and/or pressing matters in each sector?
15. Are there particular aspects of infrastructure provision in these sectors which you think IWA should focus on?
16. In what way do you think the core sectors may change (for example, emergence of new sectors or shifts in the importance or significance of sectors) over the life of the Strategy?