A Stronger Tomorrow - Online Submission Form

Closes 21 Aug 2020

Section 6: Methodology

The Infrastructure Western Australia Act 2019 sets out various requirements for the preparation, content and finalisation of the Strategy. IWA is required to assess the current and expected future state of infrastructure in Western Australia, and apply a framework that considers economic, social and environmental issues. Prioritised recommendations may range across projects and programs, planning, technology and nonbuild policy options (such as regulation, pricing, procurement, skills or governance).

IWA proposes to apply a hybrid approach in developing the Strategy, comprising a focus on predominantly bottom-up assessment over the next ten years, and a largely strategic top-down assessment over the period 11 to 20 years.

As the long term future is hard to accurately predict, a range of plausible scenarios will be applied in developing the Strategy. These will be designed to assess how alternative future changes could impact on infrastructure outcomes in the longterm. Prioritisation criteria will be developed and applied to identify priority projects, programs and other responses.

17. What are your thoughts on the proposed methodology to develop the Strategy?
18. What approaches can IWA take to compare and assess priorities across different sectors, regions and issues? What prioritisation criteria should be applied?
19. To what extent should IWA consider the potential for infrastructure to directly promote new economic development and diversification (including in the regions), as opposed to improvements in core service delivery?
20. What is an appropriate significance threshold to apply, to enable a focus on larger and more strategic infrastructure? Should it vary across different regions and/or sectors and, if so, how?
21. What specific scenarios should IWA consider from a top-down perspective, particularly as part of its 11 to 20 year outlook?